We require the microphone permission so that in the event of an emergency, your emergency contact can call your phone and enable loudspeaker, allowing you to get help easier and quicker. This is the only time the microphone would be used.

If you do not enable the microphone permission, your trusted contacts will not be able to speak to you during an emergency. We strongly recommend allowing them. 

If its not enabled correctly we will remind you before you start an activity.

To enable live audio:

If you pressed yes during sign up:

When selecting yes for the first time you will be asked to choose to enable the microphone permission - tap ok to confirm. 

  • If you choose ok, your permissions are enabled.

If you pressed no during sign up:

If you've denied previously, you will need to change the permission manually. 

  1. Open settings -> scroll to the Tended app -> toggle the microphone permission on.
  2. Open settings in your Tended app -> tap live audio -> tap yes -> tap okay -> your microphone is now enabled. 
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