May 2020


  • Support added for upcoming safety features.
  • Vibrations throughout the device have been given a revamp.

April 2020


  • App interaction now feels a lot snappier.
  • You are now “checked in” when the device put on charge. This is so that the you don't enter Emergency mode when the device is not in use.
  • Scheduled check in remains persistent through fall and no motion prompts.
  • Other fantastic minor fixes.

March 2020


  • Icons have been added to help communicate why you’re being asked to mark yourself as safe.
  • The battery icons has been refreshed.
  • Optimisations to safety features.

January 2020


  • Optimisations to haptic feedback and safety features.
  • Activities will now stop after 5 minutes if the mobile device is disconnected.

December 2019


  • Fixed a bug causing unexpected crash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused auto check in to trigger late.
  • Manual SOS can now be set off when an activity is paused.
  • Fixed an issue causing unreliable battery readings.
  • A Festive surprise!


Fixed Bluetooth compatibility issues with some Android devices.

November 2019


  • Fixed an issue that prevented motion detection working on some activities
  • Fixed an issue causing some Protects to become unresponsive during an update
  • Improvements to battery life calculation
  • Ongoing optimisation and stability fixes


Initial release.

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