April 2020


This release includes some updates under the hood to keep everything running smoothly.


  • Added the ability to update your email, which is accessible from Settings > Account settings > Change email.
  • Account settings options have been updated.
  • A new reset option has been added to the overlay on the devices screen.
  • Further bug fixes and performance improvements.

February 2020


  • Fixed a bug causing crashes for some users.


  • Increased the frequency of Protect update checks.
  • Fixed issues related to logging in with Facebook.
  • Other general bug fixes.

December 2019


Fixed a bug which sometimes caused issues with signing up.


  • The Live Audio feature has been re-enabled, and now works on both iOS 12 and iOS 13.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

November 2019


This release adds a tutorial video which gives a quick introduction to the Tended Protect. This is shown straight after signing up, or from a new option in the settings menu. This release also contains other minor bug fixes.


iOS 13 related fixes.


Initial release.

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