Hopefully you won't experience any issues with pairing and connecting your device - however due to the way bluetooth works on different phones this may sometimes happen. The walkthrough below often helps resolve any connection/pairing issues!

1. Turn off your Bluetooth on your phone. 

2. Close your Tended App. 

To do this swipe up from the bottom of your screen so you can see all the apps open. Once you can see your apps you will need to swipe up on the Tended app. This will close the app. 

3. Reset your Protect

To do this you need to tap the charging cable on and off the device 6 times (it may be worth doing this a few more times just to be sure). Please ensure the charging cable is plugged in during this process.

4. Switch your Bluetooth back on and open up the Tended app. 

Once open visit Settings > Device Settings > Pair new device, or follow the instruction here to re-pair your device as new.

Did this help? If not, try clearing your bluetooth cache

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