The Protect connects to our free app on your smartphone via bluetooth. If an emergency is detected or manually activated, there is an attempt to contact up to three emergency contacts, using either wifi connection or your mobile data. 

Why does the Protect use your phone's wifi or mobile data instead of a sim card?

This emergency contact uses either your mobile data or wifi, depending on if you're connected to wifi. We have designed it this way so that we don't ever have to charge you any expensive subscription fees for data sim cards - once you've bought a Protect and downloaded the app you're good to go. 

Do I need a smartphone?

Occasionally we get asked why you need to use the smartphone, and if the Protect could just connect to your wifi itself for example. Unfortunately this is not possible, as all of your safety features and options are managed and started by the free app on your smartphone. This means you can take your Protect with you anywhere that you have data signal - giving you freedom to do more, knowing your safety is covered. 

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