The Protect connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth through the free Tended app. 

A new activity can be started through the app, where you set the device to monitor different safety aspects.

The Protect looks for anything unusual, indicating a potential accident (i.e. a fall, a prolonged period of non-movement or missed check in). If anything is detected, the device will vibrate, asking if you’re safe. Two taps on the band will keep your activity going. 

If the safety check is unanswered, an alert will be sent out via your mobile phone's mobile data or wifi connection to up to three pre-set trusted contacts containing a live link with your approximate GPS location (GPS signal dependent), activity and health information, as well as the option to hear live audio via your phone's loudspeaker. 

An SOS alert can also be made at any time during your activity by holding the screen down for 5-10 seconds, which will also alert emergency contacts.

Tended values your safety and privacy first - the only time any information is sent out is during an emergency, and only to your trusted contacts. 

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