To add an emergency contact there are multiple methods:

During sign up:

  1. When creating an account for the first time, the final section prompts setting up emergency contact.
  2. Press the "+" symbol to add a contact name and number. This will be saved to your account.

On the Profile page:

  1. Select the profile icon.
  2. Select "Contacts".
  3. Choose “Add new contact”.
  4. Enter your contact’s name and number and confirm.

Before starting an activity:

  1. Select the activity icon.
  2. Choose your activity.
  3. Select the "+" next to emergency contacts, or select a previously made contact from the list.
  4. Add the contact’s name and number and confirm to save the contact.

Note: The images above shows the app on an iOS device and may differ slightly to how it appears on an Android device.

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