The Protect has sensors in the tap point at the bottom of the display screen. This is unmarked, but is in line with the charge ports.

When you're not in an activity, each tap on the tap point will cycle through the home screen, date, daily step count and battery life. 

The tap point is also used for:


During an activity, the Protect may ask you to check-in if an accident is detected, or during a scheduled check-in. The band will vibrate and the screen will display "Are you safe?" Two taps confirms your safety.

Activate emergency mode

During an activity, you can activate emergency mode by holding the tap point for 5-10 seconds. After each second, the band will pulse. After five seconds, the band will vibrate much quicker to let you know to release and activate emergency mode. This bypasses check-in and immediately sends the Protect and mobile app into emergency mode. 

Deactivate emergency mode

Five taps will deactivate emergency mode.

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